Who am I? Interests

My interests include not liking to be alone. I like to have someone by my side. I love to organize and be organized. I like to hangout with my friends. I love to be on a team sport and interact with my peers.I like to keep active. I don’t like being bored and I don’t like when I have nothing to do. Family is what I will have forever. Family and friends are what I ask for first. They are always there for me.

 I love to go camping. Camping is a thing that I like to do. We have so much fun when we go camping every summer. We usually go to Idaho but this year we couldn’t go because the borders were closed. We take our camper when we go and stay at a beautiful campsite. It’s always nice and warm. We have a few places that we like to go and it’s called  Triple play. It’s an indoor place that we went to almost every night. They have many different games that you can play go carts, laser tag, laser maze, water boats, and mini golf. We went to about four different beaches. We had a blast!


Quading is something that I do all year round. I love going into the mud and getting stuck. When I was with Sydney we went quading and we got stuck multiple times. It was a lot of fun. We had a blast. We live in the country and we have roads that we bike on. 


Water sports are things that we do every year we do tubing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, wake skate, and surf. We like to go to Cold Lake. We have a family that lives two minutes from the launch so we park our camper at their yard. We spend the whole day on the boat. We bring snakes, lunch and drinks and don’t come back until dark then we sit around the campfire. Summer is what I love!

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