According to the Who Am I? The survey, my motivations to be a strong learner and employee are Support and Working Conditions. Support is when I like to give assistance to someone and what I like to receive from others. The things that I most look up to and the things my results turn into. 

I feel most confident in doing a job when I have lots of time to keep on working on it. Also, I enjoy working when I have a variety of tasks to do. I like to have a deadline, but feel stressed if it does not fit with my schedule. I like sitting with my friends in class. I like sitting in the back of the classroom. Sitting in the back makes me more confident. I don’t like to have people seeing my work. I like it when the teachers show videos about the topic and so can write down the key points of the work. I like working in small groups with my friends.

I do my best work when I am motivated by the support and working conditions that suit me. I like to get help from my friends when I’m struggling. Things are things to be with my friends. 

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