My Ideal Concert

August 24th 2016 was the night of my life. I got to go to a Bruno Mars concert that was located in New York Central Park. It was a blast. Central Park is huge, it is beautiful, it’s very clean, green and it looks like a jungle. The atmosphere was just amazing. With all the proud supporters around they truly showed support for Bruno Mars. This concert was like heaven. It was great to have lots of people around me singing, shouting, dancing and feeling the music to pass their energy through each other! Having the feeling of the beat coming from my heart it was pumping so fast. I didn’t have a voice the next morning from shouting to Bruno’s great music. I’m sure the whole city could hear this concert and was also singing to the music. We were all having the best vibe ever. I bought a shirt as a souvenir shop. They had a hot dog stand with ice cream and cotton candy, it was delicious! Time flew by, it had ended so quickly. The limo was waiting for me to bring us back to our hotel. It was a great night and I would definitely want to experience that night again!

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