Josh’s Motivation

My primary motivation factor is being independent. I do not like to be controlled by other people in matters of opinion, conduct, decisions, etc. I like to think for myself and act for myself. Being controlled by other people is not what I like to do. When people boss me around it makes me not want to do whatever they told me to do. Many other people like to be themselves and independent. If people are not independent, then everyone in this world might as well be a robot. I look for opportunities to try out new ideas, make my own decisions, and I can plan my own schedule without supervision.

Even though I like to be independent I love when people support me in whatever I do. I like to agree with people and give support to the people that need it. I look for opportunities where I can be treated fairly by my employer(s), have support from my manager(s), and where I receive excellent training.

I like getting to a goal. I want the chance to put my skills, knowledge and abilities to the test. I want to feel like I’ve accomplished something. I want to push myself to get to the end so I know that I have done something.

Having relationships with people is very important to me.Whether its a classmate, colleague ,or a customer, I want to have connections everywhere with the people around me. I value friendly, honest, and cooperative working environments where teamwork and support are the norm.

I want the recognition that comes with a job well done. I value the respect, admiration, and approval of the people around me. Where ever I choose to work, I’ll want  opportunities that can lead me to promotions and eventually to lead others.

I want to work somewhere amazing. It could be somewhere with excellent benefits, a high salary, great job security, or fantastic teammates. Whatever it is, I want to work in a place that meets my definition of good working conditions.


Josh’s Knowledge

My favorite class in school is Physical Education. I love playing sports and trying different activities that involve physical endurance. Being healthy is very important in my life. If my body is healthy then I hope that I will live longer. 

I would love to learn a new language. When I get older I would want to travel the world and learn about their culture. Learning a new language would get me one step closer to getting a higher paying job and learning a new language would be fun.

I like science when we are talking about Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Learning about these things make me feel as if I was a scientist already.

Creative Arts help me relax and express myself. When I play music I can play any song I want to with a little bit of practice. When I am expressing myself through paintings I can be whoever I want to be.

Math doesn’t just help me solve problems that are with numbers but it also helps me solve problems in real life. Math helped me learn that you might have to persevere sometimes.


Josh’s Interests

My interests involve me exploring a lot. I love to learn new things and go adventuring. Being places that I haven’t explored before make me feel free and alive. I love learning about the pioneers of our country and learning about the history of our world. When people are sitting at home and learning about objects work.

I love to draw, paint, and express myself through art. When I do paint or draw I always feel like I am whatever I want to be. If I don’t feel as if I’m free I know something is wrong and I need to talk to someone about something. 

Being social helps me in a lot of ways because I can make new friends everywhere I go and I will feel more comfortable the more places that I go. I love to talk to people when they are sad because I feel like I can try and pick them up with my positive energy.

When I do a project I want to be doing it by myself because I want to know how the machine works. I want to figure things out on my own so I can learn about them and teach other people about the machine. I do not like working with paper because I love working and talking with other people although I want to take charge to get the best mark possible.

I love starting new projects and I always want to be in charge of what is happening. When I am in charge of what is happening then I know what is going on and I can tell people what to do. If they aren’t doing something the way I asked the first or second time then they will not be doing as much work as someone who can listen to directions.

I love to play music as another one of my pastimes. Music helps me relax and be creative. I enjoy trying to learn songs by ear that are from movies or television. Lately, I have been trying to perfect the theme song from the movie UP.

My favorite pastime is to play hockey. Hockey makes me feel as if nothing else in this world mattered. When I play hockey I feel like no one or nothing can hurt me. I wish I could play hockey all of the time. It is the best escape for me when I need to get away from reality.



Josh’s Personality

I prefer to work independently and tend to feel more at ease when alone or in a small group. I also like to be reflective and self-aware and enjoy thinking about ideas. I feel like I have good social skills, I want to avoid the spotlight as well as small talk, and may prefer written communication instead of verbal communication.

When working on a new task I prefer concrete goals and deadlines instead of flexibility and options, which may be perceived as road blocksI love to collect as much information as possible and focus on the big picture than little details. My tendency to focus on the big picture makes me good at spotting emerging trends, although I might form connections that do not really exist. I think I benefit from my likelihood to plan and adhere to deadlines because they can be disorganized with their ideas, which may mean that they have difficulty communicating their ideas to others.

When faced with a decision, I want to know how it will affect others. I want people to view me as caring and considerate. I also feel like I am flexible in my thinking and recognize the complexity of issues rather than seeing it as “black and white”. I put more emphasis on teamwork and getting along, and my supportive nature may mean that I put the needs of others before mine.


Josh’s Learning Styles

I am 36% a kinesthetic learner which means that I love to be active in the activity I’m doing and I love to take breaks. I make many different hand gestures when I speak. I love tasks where I have to move and change materials and I love to physically encourage others. According to Wikipedia, kinesthetic learners learn better through role-playing, body mapping, and puzzles. I can be engaged in group projects that involve movement such as dance drama and sports.

Secondly I am 33% an auditory learner. I like when i can do my own thing but listen to the teacher talk. I do not mind listening to audiobooks and podcasts but i would rather read a paper book. I like to hum or talk to myself when I am doing something that I enjoy. Having a TV or music playing in the background helps me learn better.

Lastly I am 31% a visual learner. I like when the teacher gives a demonstration so I know what I am doing. I do not mind taking notes and I like to close my eyes to visualize and remember things. Colours help me think and describe what I am explaining. As a visual learner I like to paint and draw. I learn best by using images, pictures and colours. I would rather people show me something than describe it to me.


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