Josh’s Learning Styles

I am 36% a kinesthetic learner which means that I love to be active in the activity I’m doing and I love to take breaks. I make many different hand gestures when I speak. I love tasks where I have to move and change materials and I love to physically encourage others. According to Wikipedia, kinesthetic learners learn better through role-playing, body mapping, and puzzles. I can be engaged in group projects that involve movement such as dance drama and sports.

Secondly I am 33% an auditory learner. I like when i can do my own thing but listen to the teacher talk. I do not mind listening to audiobooks and podcasts but i would rather read a paper book. I like to hum or talk to myself when I am doing something that I enjoy. Having a TV or music playing in the background helps me learn better.

Lastly I am 31% a visual learner. I like when the teacher gives a demonstration so I know what I am doing. I do not mind taking notes and I like to close my eyes to visualize and remember things. Colours help me think and describe what I am explaining. As a visual learner I like to paint and draw. I learn best by using images, pictures and colours. I would rather people show me something than describe it to me.

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