Josh’s Personality

I prefer to work independently and tend to feel more at ease when alone or in a small group. I also like to be reflective and self-aware and enjoy thinking about ideas. I feel like I have good social skills, I want to avoid the spotlight as well as small talk, and may prefer written communication instead of verbal communication.

When working on a new task I prefer concrete goals and deadlines instead of flexibility and options, which may be perceived as road blocksI love to collect as much information as possible and focus on the big picture than little details. My tendency to focus on the big picture makes me good at spotting emerging trends, although I might form connections that do not really exist. I think I benefit from my likelihood to plan and adhere to deadlines because they can be disorganized with their ideas, which may mean that they have difficulty communicating their ideas to others.

When faced with a decision, I want to know how it will affect others. I want people to view me as caring and considerate. I also feel like I am flexible in my thinking and recognize the complexity of issues rather than seeing it as “black and white”. I put more emphasis on teamwork and getting along, and my supportive nature may mean that I put the needs of others before mine.

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