Josh’s Interests

My interests involve me exploring a lot. I love to learn new things and go adventuring. Being places that I haven’t explored before make me feel free and alive. I love learning about the pioneers of our country and learning about the history of our world. When people are sitting at home and learning about objects work.

I love to draw, paint, and express myself through art. When I do paint or draw I always feel like I am whatever I want to be. If I don’t feel as if I’m free I know something is wrong and I need to talk to someone about something. 

Being social helps me in a lot of ways because I can make new friends everywhere I go and I will feel more comfortable the more places that I go. I love to talk to people when they are sad because I feel like I can try and pick them up with my positive energy.

When I do a project I want to be doing it by myself because I want to know how the machine works. I want to figure things out on my own so I can learn about them and teach other people about the machine. I do not like working with paper because I love working and talking with other people although I want to take charge to get the best mark possible.

I love starting new projects and I always want to be in charge of what is happening. When I am in charge of what is happening then I know what is going on and I can tell people what to do. If they aren’t doing something the way I asked the first or second time then they will not be doing as much work as someone who can listen to directions.

I love to play music as another one of my pastimes. Music helps me relax and be creative. I enjoy trying to learn songs by ear that are from movies or television. Lately, I have been trying to perfect the theme song from the movie UP.

My favorite pastime is to play hockey. Hockey makes me feel as if nothing else in this world mattered. When I play hockey I feel like no one or nothing can hurt me. I wish I could play hockey all of the time. It is the best escape for me when I need to get away from reality.


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