Josh’s Knowledge

My favorite class in school is Physical Education. I love playing sports and trying different activities that involve physical endurance. Being healthy is very important in my life. If my body is healthy then I hope that I will live longer. 

I would love to learn a new language. When I get older I would want to travel the world and learn about their culture. Learning a new language would get me one step closer to getting a higher paying job and learning a new language would be fun.

I like science when we are talking about Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Learning about these things make me feel as if I was a scientist already.

Creative Arts help me relax and express myself. When I play music I can play any song I want to with a little bit of practice. When I am expressing myself through paintings I can be whoever I want to be.

Math doesn’t just help me solve problems that are with numbers but it also helps me solve problems in real life. Math helped me learn that you might have to persevere sometimes.

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