Josh’s Motivation

My primary motivation factor is being independent. I do not like to be controlled by other people in matters of opinion, conduct, decisions, etc. I like to think for myself and act for myself. Being controlled by other people is not what I like to do. When people boss me around it makes me not want to do whatever they told me to do. Many other people like to be themselves and independent. If people are not independent, then everyone in this world might as well be a robot. I look for opportunities to try out new ideas, make my own decisions, and I can plan my own schedule without supervision.

Even though I like to be independent I love when people support me in whatever I do. I like to agree with people and give support to the people that need it. I look for opportunities where I can be treated fairly by my employer(s), have support from my manager(s), and where I receive excellent training.

I like getting to a goal. I want the chance to put my skills, knowledge and abilities to the test. I want to feel like I’ve accomplished something. I want to push myself to get to the end so I know that I have done something.

Having relationships with people is very important to me.Whether its a classmate, colleague ,or a customer, I want to have connections everywhere with the people around me. I value friendly, honest, and cooperative working environments where teamwork and support are the norm.

I want the recognition that comes with a job well done. I value the respect, admiration, and approval of the people around me. Where ever I choose to work, I’ll want  opportunities that can lead me to promotions and eventually to lead others.

I want to work somewhere amazing. It could be somewhere with excellent benefits, a high salary, great job security, or fantastic teammates. Whatever it is, I want to work in a place that meets my definition of good working conditions.

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