My interest type survey

My interest type is The Maker, Makers combine their need for creative, hands-on work with their desire for self-expression and exploration. When they’re making something, they recognize that being practical doesn’t mean that they can’t be creative. Because of their active, hands-on nature, they’re at home with using tools and materials to turn their ideas into reality. If you’re looking for someone who can create something both useful and artistic, look for a Maker. I like to get hands on with art because it lets me get the chance to express my true self and of course art is just another way for people to tell their story without saying a word

My personality type survey

My personality type is INFJ (The Counselor), INFJ prefers to work independently and tend to feel more at ease when alone or in a small group. They also tend to be reflective and self-aware, and enjoy thinking about ideas. Although INFJs may have good social skills, they generally prefer to avoid the spotlight as well as small talk, and may prefer written communication over verbal. They’re also more likely to think before speaking and have good impulse control.

When approaching a new task, the INFJ prefers concrete goals and deadlines over flexibility and options, which may be perceived as road blocks. They also tend to collect as much information as possible and to focus on the big picture, rather than on details. Their tendency to focus on the big picture makes them good at spotting emerging trends, although they may also form connections that do not really exist. INFJs benefit from their tendency to plan and adhere to deadlines because they can be disorganized with their ideas, which may mean that they have difficulty communicating their ideas to others.

When faced with a decision, INFJs tend to consider how it will affect others, and are likely viewed by others as being caring and considerate. They also tend to be flexible in their thinking and recognize the complexity of issues, rather than seeing things as being “black or white”. INFJs put more emphasis on teamwork and getting along, and their supportive nature may mean that they put the needs of others before their own or are easily persuaded.

My learning style survey

My learning style is Visual-Kinesthetic, the best way to learn something is to try to use all three Learning Style approaches whenever you can. Because different activities use different parts of our brain, when we use different ways to do or learn the same thing, our minds do a better job of remembering it. My learning style is visual because I learn better when I see what’s being taught and it helps me understand better of what is happening when I see the situation.

My subject area

My top subject area is Creative Arts, art courses helps me develop some artistic abilities, techniques and practices. This includes: Visual Arts, Music and Dramatic Arts.

Every time when I am doing artist work, I feel like my true self is showing. I enjoy what I draw on paper and it helps me explain what I see in my head without saying anything but instead drawing it on paper

About Me

Hello There, My name is James William Matters, I am 15 years old, I was born on February 14, 2004 in Moose Jaw General Hospital. I was raised for most of my life in Alberta, currently I am living in Vermilion, Alberta. When I was about 1 and a half years old I was adopted by kind, loving people, I am still living with those kind, loving people. And I am currently going to school at St. Jeromes Catholic School in Vermilion.

Motivation Factor Survey

My top motivation factor is Relationships. Whether it’s a classmate, a teammate, or a family member, I just want to form friendships and connections with the people around me. I value friendly, honest, and cooperative environments where teamwork and support is normal. What motivates me to be able to help others? Well helping others is what I enjoy and people just don’t understand that all I’m trying to do is help them. People get mad at me for getting my nose in their business but really I’m just wondering what’s going on so I can be able to help them with whatever is going on. For once in my life I just want people to appreciate what I do to help them.