How to colour change an image using Gimp

Step 1: Open up Gimp 2.10


Step 2: Choose a picture to use


Step 3: Open the image in Gimp 

(Hint: File → Open)


Step 4: Duplicate the Layer 

(Hint: Layer → Duplicate Layer)


Step 5: Desaturate the image 

(Hint: Color → Desaturate → Color to Grey)


Step 6: Add Layer Mask 

(Hint: Add Layer Mask → Initialize to White)


Step 7: Choose what you want to have colour

(Hint: Use the Paintbrush Tool)


Step 8: Once finished make sure that there is not mistakes 

(Hint: Use the Easer Tool)


Step 9: Save the Image

(Hint: File → Save as)

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