How to change the hue colour using Gimp 2.10

In this Assignment, you will change the Hue colour of a famous landscape.


Step 1: Find a picture of a famous landscape, it can either be from online or it can be from your own photos

I chose the Eiffel Tower to use for this project.


Step 2: Open the Gimp 2.10 app

This is what the logo for the app looks like


Step 3: Open the photo that you have chose in Gimp 2.10

Hint*** Right click on your mouse, once the menu pops up select the option Image. Once you have clicked Image, select the Open an image file then select the image that you have chosen. As shown below.


Step 4: Once your chosen image is open, start to change the Hue temperature of your image

Hint*** Right click on your mouse, Once menu is open select Colours, then go to Hue saturation

Once selected your screen should look similar to mine

Then adjust the settings to where you feel comfortable enough


Step 5: Save your image into your downloads

Hint*** Right click on your mouse, once the menu is open select file then select Save as

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