How to make a bucket list collage using the BeFunky website

In this Project, you will be using BeFunky to create your bucket list collage.

Step 1: Select four or more images to use.

Your photos can be selected online or they can from your own collect of photos

I am going to be using these four pictures for my project


Step 2: Open the BeFunky website

Once the website is opened your screen should look like the above image


Step 3: Start creating your collage by selecting the Get Started button in blue

Once clicked your screen should look similar to mine.


Step 4: Change the Layers to what you would like it to be.

Hint*** Select the layouts option on the left side of your screen

Once clicked select the the grids option

Once you have selected the grids option, it will bring you to a few options of grid sizes

I have selected the 4 square grid option


Step 5: Start adding your photos into the website.

Start by going to Image Manager on the side bar on the left side of your screen

Once you have selected that option, you can start adding your chosen photos by clicking the green button that reads Computer

Once you have uploaded your photos, click the Autofill button right above the left top photo


Step 6: Start adding text on your collage

Start by clicking the text button, It kinda looks like a giant A on the side toolbar

Once you have selected that option, you will see a giant green button that reads Add Text. Click that button and then start adding your text

Once you have finished adding your text onto your collage. You are just about done creating your collage


Step 7: Save your Work of art into your Downloads

Hint*** Select the Save button, then it will bring up a list of places to save your project. Select the Computer option and then you can save your image there and you could even change the name of your image


Congratulations!!! You have now creating your own Bucket list collage. Now you can share your collage with your Friends and Family.

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