How to 3D print a Chain Fidget

In order to do this project, you need to use the following websites

and if you have a Dremel 3D printer use this following website

and you can also use the Autodesk Fusion 360 app


Start by opening Thingiverse with the website that is stated above. Once you have opened Thingiverse, download the files onto your computer.


Once you have downloaded the files, open Finder, go to Downloads and open the files that you have downloaded onto your computer.


Once you have opened your downloads, Open Fusion 360. If you don’t have a Fusion account, Create one or sign in if you do have one. Once signed in or signed up, you should see this


Start by going to Insert, then go to insert Mesh and then select your files that you have opened on your computer.


Then once you have opened this file onto Fusion 360, open the Dremel website. Website link posted above


Add your downloaded files into my files on Dremel 3D. Once added select the repair button, and once it is fixed select the Layout button. It should show you, your chain fidget. And you can change your project to what you would like it to turn out to be like. Once you have finished changing your settings click save and slice. And then you can start printing your project.


My finished product compared to a Canadian loonie


My finished product from a far


My finished product close up



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