My Learning Style

I like to learn by looking, seeing, hearing and listening. By looking and seeing I can remember what we learned in class by having an image in my head. By hearing and listening I can remember what the teacher was saying.  I like to have my binders and notes organized. When studying I like to have a study guide. During studying I sometimes like to read my notes out loud and take breaks. I remember things from remembering the vision in my brain, I also remember from hearing the teacher talk aloud. 

I’m 37% a visual learner which is my highest percentage. Being a visual learner means you learn by looking and seeing. I like to keep notes of things in my head that I had seen. I like to have my binder and notes organized so I can easily find things I need. I like to highlight the important parts of notes.

I’m a 34% auditory learner which is my second highest percentage. Being an auditory learner means you learn by hearing and listening. When studying I like to read my notes aloud. When a teacher is instructing work I make sure I am listening so that I understand what to do. When I’m done studying I usually get a family member or a classmate to quiz me. 

I’m a 29% kinesthetics learner which is my lowest percentage. Being a kinesthetics learner means you learn by touching and doing. I like to study in short blocks of time and give myself breaks. I understand why this is my lowest because I don’t really like to answer questions in class and I’m for the most part silent.


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