My Personality Type


My personality type is the provider. I’m extroverted, introverted, sensing, feeling and judging. I like to be around people, but sometimes I also just want to be by myself. I’m very organized. I’m a caring person and like to make things better. I like to have deadlines for projects and I’m thoughtful and logical.

I’m in the middle of extroverted and introverted. Being extroverted means I’m comfortable in large groups of people. Being introverted means I’m comfortable working by myself. I enjoy socializing, I feel more energized when I’m around people. I’m also very comfortable being by myself and prefer to work alone sometimes. In class I don’t raise my hand a lot, but if called on i’ll answer the question. 

Being sensing I like to collect data and present it in a concrete orderly fashion. I’m good at explaining things in an organized way. I like to have all the details for things. I’m very systematic. 

Being feeling I make my decisions using subjective criteria. I take into account how decisions affect other people. I’m a caring person and I’ll help when need be.

Being judging I do things with good judgment or sense. I’m thoughtful and logical. I’m organized and enjoy planning or making things organized. I like to have a deadline so that I know how much more time I have to work on a project.

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