The Ideal Concert

Imagine getting to actually experience the best day of your life. The best day of your life is magical and will never be forgotten. Imagine seeing your favourite singer perform, with you up there with them. Getting to talk to them one on one and in the setting you always dreamed of. It could be anything you could ever wish for and at no cost.

Imagine walking through a waterfall and when you get through there’s thousands of people and they all start cheering. You get carried by the crowd to the front of the stage. The lights are flashing, bright and colorful. The floor is wet from the splashing of the water. You can only hear the screaming of all the fans. You get dropped onto the humongous stage. The stage, made out of pure diamonds, glistens in the flashing lights. All of a sudden the crowd goes quiet. You look behind you and see your favourite singer being brought down from the ceiling. They land on the stage and look at you. All of a sudden music starts playing and they start singing your favourite song. You get to be with them on the stage and sing along right beside them. You’re sweating from dancing so much but you don’t even care because you’re living out your dream. The song ends and you both jump into the crowd. The crowd carries you all the way out back through the sparkling waterfall. It’s quiet out there and it’s just you and your favourite singer. You give them a hug and thank them for everything that happened today. They sign your shirt, give you one last hug, and disappear back into the waterfall. 

The day you had always dreamt of finally happened and you will have that memory forever which is one of the best parts.

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