My visual about the beatitudes is to imagine all the things in life that we are blessed with. I think about all of the beautiful things that are on this earth and how we get to live right by them. I remember that Jesus died on the cross for us and how blessed we are to have him. We have a God that loves us no matter what and is always there for us. We are blessed to have the family we have and the love they give us. Our eyes are blessed with the wonders of our world. We get to see fantastic sights right in front of our eyes. We can smell the delicacies that God has gifted us with. There is food all around us growing everywhere so that we never get too hungry. We are blessed to have people and God in our lives who can comfort us in times of need. We are blessed that God is merciful and everyone can be forgiven. We are blessed to have a place to go after we die which makes death less scary. 

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