Energy: Extraversion

  • Comfortable in groups
  • Enjoys socializing
  • Invigorated by being around others
  • Enjoys the spotlight
  • Impulsive and speaks their mind

I tend to be outgoing and to feel at ease in large groups or when working as part of a team. I likely enjoy the spotlight, socializing, and working through problems by discussing them with others rather than quietly and independently reflecting on ideas

Information Gathering: Sensing

  • Collects and presents info in an orderly and concrete fashion
  • Organized ideas and good at explaining ideas
  • Relies on observations and measurement
  • Focused
  • Systematic
  • Detail focused

When dealing with information, I tend to collect and present information in a clear and orderly way that is easy to understand, which makes me a good communicator. They are also practical and rely on information that can be observed or measured and tend to take things at face value rather than looking for hidden meanings or focusing on the “big picture”.

Decision Making: Feeling

  • Decisions made using subjective criteria
  • Takes into account circumstances; how decisions affect people
  • Caring

Lifestyle and Structure: Judging

  • Thoughtful
  • Judicious
  • Organized and enjoys planning
  • Prefers concrete goals and deadlines
  • Seeks closure to tasks
  • Logical
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