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The Art of Losing Friends and Alienating People

As people get older, they might lose some friends that they didn’t see in a long time. When they get older there are more responsibilities and they lack the time to meet with them. Young people have little things to worry about and can just go out to meet with friends almost every day. The friends have been ghosting each other and the author says that it’s difficult to realize that one has been ghosted when the ghoster disdains all forms of social media. Some younger people might not want to become friends with older people and old people have their pals so it is hard to make new friendships.

I’m 72. So What?

The author is 72 years old and tries to find new friends. Everyone thinks that she is extremely old and doesn’t want to talk to her and sometimes even avoid her when she goes out with her dog in the park. She already lost most of her friends over time and can not find new ones.

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