The car of my dreams

My dream car would be a red 2020 Toyota supra mk5 with lots of modifications that would make it cooler and more usable in Alberta.

Toyota Supra is an RWD Japanese sports car that is powered by a german twin-turbo inline 6. Toyota calls the supra a “tuners dream” because it has many tuning options and should be easy to modify. The engine is limited to 262 HP because of Japanese voluntary self-restraint among manufacturers. Many people have proven that the car actually makes 330+ HP on the dyno just like the BMW Z4 where the engine is taken from.

The car would need AWD to be safe in Alberta winters, have steel bumpers to prevent unwanted deer or moose damage and would definitely be lifted with 25′ wheels to go over snow, rain and the mud. The best engine to go into that car would be a supercharged 6.2L LSA engine with an upgraded camshaft and exhaust that would make a reliable 600 HP and would sound great. The top speed of the car would only need to be 200 Km/h to be able to have fun in the summer and since speed is not needed off-road its good enough.

The interior needs lots of cup holders for all the drinks that I and possibly a few friends drink. The seats need to be comfortable but safe at the same time with a 5 point harness that would keep everyone in the car during possible jumps. The speakers could get an upgrade from the stock ones that many people complain of being squeaky.

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