Dream house

My dream house would be a 5 room house in the city, close to all stores, schools and places I might need to visit.

The house doesn’t need to be a huge mansion and it would be best if it was just a normal house on the outside. That will prevent robbers from targeting “the huge house with lots of possible profit”. It needs a big garage for all my and my guest’s possible cars and to have a big room under a roof for all kinds of activities. In the backyard of the house, there might be a pool but definitely a hot tub. Around the backyard, there is a tall fence to block anyone from swimming in my pool without asking and keep the eyes of the neighbors out.

In the living room it needs a big TV, a couch with massage built in and a mini fridge for easily accessible drinks. One of the 5 rooms would be used for storing and building remote control cars, boats, planes, drones and other toys. The Kitchen would have an ice cream machine, popcorn machine and few other appliances that are not that common.

The Garage would be a special place with lots of tools for some bigger toys used outside like quads, dirt bikes and snow mobiles that would be stored there. That house has lots of things for me and my guests to enjoy and entertain me in quarantine.

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