On Viewing the World

Being optimistic is good and helps people with everyday decisions. Optimistic people are usually happier than others and live happier lives.

Studies have shown greater optimism to a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease and other chronic ailments and to fostering, a category one team of researchers used for people who live to 85 and beyond. Optimists usually live longer because they are not depressed and appreciate all small things.

The relationship between optimism and better health and longer life is still only a myth that doesn’t prove cause and effect. But there is also no biological evidence to suggest that optimism can have a direct impact on health, which should encourage both the medical profession and individuals to do more to foster optimism as a potential health benefit.

Pessimistic people are usually depressed because all they think about is sad things. Not thinking about positives can affect mental health. Pessimism May Be Bad for Your Heart. A pessimistic attitude increases the risk of death from heart disease. Those people always stress about things that might never happen and expect that negative outcomes are more likely than positives.

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