On Viewing the World

Being optimistic is good and helps people with everyday decisions. Optimistic people are usually happier than others and live happier lives.

Studies have shown greater optimism to a lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease and other chronic ailments and to fostering, a category one team of researchers used for people who live to 85 and beyond. Optimists usually live longer because they are not depressed and appreciate all small things.

The relationship between optimism and better health and longer life is still only a myth that doesn’t prove cause and effect. But there is also no biological evidence to suggest that optimism can have a direct impact on health, which should encourage both the medical profession and individuals to do more to foster optimism as a potential health benefit.

Pessimistic people are usually depressed because all they think about is sad things. Not thinking about positives can affect mental health. Pessimism May Be Bad for Your Heart. A pessimistic attitude increases the risk of death from heart disease. Those people always stress about things that might never happen and expect that negative outcomes are more likely than positives.

Dream house

My dream house would be a 5 room house in the city, close to all stores, schools and places I might need to visit.

The house doesn’t need to be a huge mansion and it would be best if it was just a normal house on the outside. That will prevent robbers from targeting “the huge house with lots of possible profit”. It needs a big garage for all my and my guest’s possible cars and to have a big room under a roof for all kinds of activities. In the backyard of the house, there might be a pool but definitely a hot tub. Around the backyard, there is a tall fence to block anyone from swimming in my pool without asking and keep the eyes of the neighbors out.

In the living room it needs a big TV, a couch with massage built in and a mini fridge for easily accessible drinks. One of the 5 rooms would be used for storing and building remote control cars, boats, planes, drones and other toys. The Kitchen would have an ice cream machine, popcorn machine and few other appliances that are not that common.

The Garage would be a special place with lots of tools for some bigger toys used outside like quads, dirt bikes and snow mobiles that would be stored there. That house has lots of things for me and my guests to enjoy and entertain me in quarantine.

The car of my dreams

My dream car would be a red 2020 Toyota supra mk5 with lots of modifications that would make it cooler and more usable in Alberta.

Toyota Supra is an RWD Japanese sports car that is powered by a german twin-turbo inline 6. Toyota calls the supra a “tuners dream” because it has many tuning options and should be easy to modify. The engine is limited to 262 HP because of Japanese voluntary self-restraint among manufacturers. Many people have proven that the car actually makes 330+ HP on the dyno just like the BMW Z4 where the engine is taken from.

The car would need AWD to be safe in Alberta winters, have steel bumpers to prevent unwanted deer or moose damage and would definitely be lifted with 25′ wheels to go over snow, rain and the mud. The best engine to go into that car would be a supercharged 6.2L LSA engine with an upgraded camshaft and exhaust that would make a reliable 600 HP and would sound great. The top speed of the car would only need to be 200 Km/h to be able to have fun in the summer and since speed is not needed off-road its good enough.

The interior needs lots of cup holders for all the drinks that I and possibly a few friends drink. The seats need to be comfortable but safe at the same time with a 5 point harness that would keep everyone in the car during possible jumps. The speakers could get an upgrade from the stock ones that many people complain of being squeaky.

Good read

The Art of Losing Friends and Alienating People

As people get older, they might lose some friends that they didn’t see in a long time. When they get older there are more responsibilities and they lack the time to meet with them. Young people have little things to worry about and can just go out to meet with friends almost every day. The friends have been ghosting each other and the author says that it’s difficult to realize that one has been ghosted when the ghoster disdains all forms of social media. Some younger people might not want to become friends with older people and old people have their pals so it is hard to make new friendships.

I’m 72. So What?

The author is 72 years old and tries to find new friends. Everyone thinks that she is extremely old and doesn’t want to talk to her and sometimes even avoid her when she goes out with her dog in the park. She already lost most of her friends over time and can not find new ones.

Time travel

The best time to go to is 2008 because that year and few next one good things happened and it was not that long ago so the technology would not be much different.

When time travelling I would make my self 21 years old so I could skip school, university and be old enough to get a job or shop online. In 2008 the oil price was very high and people made lots of money working there. If I could save lots of money if I worked there when the oil price was so high. That would allow me to invest in things cheaper back in 2008 and sell them for high in 2020.

There are things I could buy when they used to be cheaper back then are bitcoin. Back in 2009 bitcoin cost less than 1 cent and the highest price ever for one was over $25000 in December 2017. By investing 1 dollar I could make over 2 million dollars today. I could also buy rare cars cheaper, the 2006 Ford GT is a sports car that is powered by a supercharged 5.4-litre engine that has a top speed of 300 mph. Only 4000 cars were made and the price for one today is over $666000 but from 2004 to 2008 the price was only $200000. 2007 Porsche Carrera GT is another car that is double the price today then it was in 2008.

With today’s knowledge, I could predict the future and prevent many catastrophes like a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti that killed 230,000 people in 2010. August 10 of 2008, Toronto Explosions leaves 2 dead and thousands evacuate their homes. In 2011, 16000 people died in the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. There are many more small things that would not have deadly results if people know about them before they happened.

If people knew the future, they could make many good financial decisions, and prevent deaths.


If I could teleport, my choice would be British Columbia.

It is not much different than Alberta but it’s warmer, there is more sun and it snows less there. British Columbia is still in Canada and I can continue to get my Canadian citizenship. There are many nice places and things to see. Since there is less snow there are fewer road accidents where cars lose traction on snow or ice. Cars won’t have as much rust on them and won’t lose value on something you can’t stop. More warmth and sun means more vitamin D, It plays a significant role in the regulation of calcium and maintenance of phosphorus levels in the blood.

Visual of poems


“Me and you be sisters. We be the same”

“be loving ourselves
be sisters.”


Remember your birth, how your mother struggled
to give you form and breath. You are evidence of
her life, and her mother’s, and hers.


“Two sisters side by side, benched at the gleaming fin of the living room’s out-of-tune”

Riddles of existence

Questioning everything with a caveat means to examine the truth and every detail of it. Sometimes wondering too much about one thing is not good because it might be a waste of time. Other things, on the other hand, are good for the brain to think about.

Usually, the more information the brain is taking the smarter it becomes. Thinking about the rainbow unicorns is probably not beneficial for the brain as thinking about some riddles of the existence but it might be useful to think. For example, what if the bees would stop existing? There would not be a way for some plants to germinate like apples, melons, cranberries, asparagus, or broccoli. None of those things would grow without those fuzzy insects not mentioning the sweet honey that some people use every day in the morning with their tea. If those fruits would stop growing, many animals eating them would die and the omnivores that eat them would die with spiders and over 24 kinds of birds that rely on that food source. Bees also help trees grow and they provide shelter to many small creatures that would go extinct without shelter and the rest of their ecosystem.

Bees are more important than some people think and want them gone when they get bitten by one but if they would stop existing basically the whole ecosystem would be ruined even though the bees are soo small in size.