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Most of my favorite hobbies of 2020 are different from the 2019 ones. When doing stuff with other people everyone has to stay away because of social distancing.


The first one is biking alone or with other people and it reflects on my relationship motivation. Very fun and a great way to exercise while exploring places from the neighbourhood to woods. It is possible to have fun with your friends while still keeping your distance because you’re already far away to keep from crashing.

 The second hobby is going online and interacting with friends on the internet and it reflects on my relationship and support motivation. It can be done in video games and other chatting apps. It is great because you’re very far away from your friends but still have fun playing games and chatting with them. 

The last hobby is playing card games or anything else that is fun with my family or alone at my house and it reflects on my relationship motivation. You don’t have to self distance with your family in your house so you can be as close as you want.