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To be honest i’m not really competitive about much. I enjoy baseball and golf but i’m not competitive with them. I’d say the thing i’m most competitive about is Halo2. Yeah i know. Its just a video game. And i guess its a silly thing to be competitive about since its more of the campaign rather than split-screen multiplayer. I played the game almost everyday for a few years. I loved almost everything about it. The story, the environments, the characters,the gameplay, ECT. So why am i so competitive about the game? Well ever since I found out the different tricks and strats in the game i wanted to succeed in them all such as the Sword fly glitch which with correct timing lets you fly across large areas with the energy sword, the double shot which lets you fire two bursts from the battle rifle in half the time, and other tricks for speedrunning the game. I think its just since I’ve played the campaign so much and know a lot about the game my mind tells me to get even better since I know how the game works and played it for awhile.


Halo2 is my favourite game. The campaign is very ambitious and the gameplay is pretty engaging. While messing around with friends in multiplayer is a chill and fun time, In the campaign I strive to be better.

Took a break from technology on Easter break so here we go again.


This question is actually complex for me. I have a weird and diverse music taste. I could be listening to Lo-fi jazzhop one hour then listen to deathstep in the next. Sometimes if i’m witting, painting, or acting something, I like to put on music to strengthen the mood. Its an amazing and powerful feeling when the music seems to relate off what you are trying to create. So even if it is a sad piece of art with sad music to correlate with it, that makes me happy. I enjoy the strong emotional feeling sometimes.

(This is a piece of a role play I did with my friend Raelan. If you don’t know what role play is it is sorta like improv but with typing. My character Zagzag might seem to talk in weird grammar but since he is an Unggoy from the Halo series it makes sense. Zapzap is Zagzag’s brother but he is only in this for one line)


Zagzag: we only create so we don’t go insane. When we sit around and be lazy we drive ourselves into insanity 


Raelan: *looks at a rat in the corner* Get the hell out. *looks at Zagzag* Think about the last few inventions, Zag. Were those for insanity, or usefulness? I’m lazy, but I’m not insane. I’ve been lazy all these days. But I’m sorta not insane.


Zagzag: preferably to make money. And me noticed you changed since last year. Most inventionz are to make life easier yet they cost more than the old fashioned toolz. Why do you think pricez keep increasing? The people that make the money keep themselvez entertained when the people that rather live than earn money get kicked to the curb with their blood spilling in the gutterz. 


Raelan: You’ve got a point there. The future is destroyed by capitalism. But those aren’t useful inventions, sure the iPhone has 5 camera added to it, but that’s no’ useful. It’s the long term communication that’s important. But has that changed? I dunno. Aye and I’ve changed, my mind has been destroyed by this app and made weaker.


Zagzag: creativity is just being recycled over and over again. Original creativity seemz almost impossible now. Music, painting, mathematicz, It’z all just recycled. Sure picturez can hold many memoriez but if you are more focused on getting the picture rather that living in the frame then you will never know what you have missed. A problem that social media sharez. I do not hate social media but I also do not like it. Like everything else it is white and black lines that will eventually mix into a grey dull world we glue ourselvez to. 


Raelan: There’s no creativity in this God forsaken world anymore. All these years, everything original has been dealt with. I can’t say we’re creative because I know damn well we’re both not creative. Someone invents hover cars? Ohp, unoriginal because there’s already such thing in a movie. The bloody things you are thinking of right now are unoriginal. 


Zagzag nodded 

“Yes. And like many other thingz in this life it slowly killz me. Me cannot come up with new form of art. It almost makez me just want to give up and leave completely”


Raelan: Aye but you shouldn’t give up. It may be unoriginal but someone else may think it’s original. Better yet it could be better than the previous…. Original works.


Zagzag: Me do not wish to fool the mindz of otherz making it seem original. Even the characters people make for storiez aren’t completely original. It’z an art trap


Raelan: Nobody even knows how to be remotely creative. Using uncreative names, uncreative titles, uncreative settings, uncreative everything. It’s everywhere. It’s like a spore that everyone just breathes in.


Zagzag nodded in agreement 


“Me wish there waz way to make this trap not exist” 


Zapzap: It May be art of the same thing but Therez always going to be of doing it that no one else can directly copy. Even the feeling.


Raelan: There’s no way of turning it back now. I’ll be damned if there was. But right now most of the world is currently infected with the uncreative disease, except for PilotRedSun and many bizarre music producers. Perhaps they still have creativity.


Zagzag sighed and stopped himself. He walked over to his bed and fell into it, staring at the wall.

Personally, Nature is very important to me. When i was a child i would spend hours in the backyard with a very good friend but i wasn’t really taking in the nature till i hit the end of middle school. When the friend i’d spend hours with moved away i felt covered by a thin blanket filled with holes. I was sad. I remember going into the backyard for nostalgia but i recall sitting by the drain pipe in April listening to the sounds of the water hitting the ground. I would also sit behind the garage where no one could see me just to lie down on the dirt or snow and stare up at the tree branches. It is nice to acknowledge the little pieces of nature in our yards but for me the best place to go outside and enjoy nature is my grandparent’s farm. It is my favorite place on this earth. When i am at the farm i would rather listen to the zephyr tell me a story than a song from my headphones. If you let nature in your soul the world will seem less gray.

Many people in their darkest times have probably used evil instead of good, Even though “you can’t repay evil with evil” people still turn to it and we can’t explain why we do it. We need to keep this quote from Paul in our minds, “Love is the only way”


That quote, for me anyway, means that no matter how bad things are, no matter how dark life gets, no matter how beaten down you get, you always should love God because if the dark makes you do evil things then it is winning and making you lose not only yourself but also the strength of your love with God. That quote is a major ingredient for peace and reconciliation, and also advice for our souls.


Life is a battlefield filled with hardship, when that times comes to fight it’ll either be easy or hard. When the fight cuts deep then I let the blood from the wounds of my mind pour onto paper and turn it into a song, whenever I complete a song I feel that God had my back through it, I hope he’s at least somewhat proud of this type of art I express myself with. God gave us many different ways to overcome pain in a non-violent way, music is one of them.


Christ-like love is the most perfect love out there. For people, having this type of love is very very difficult as people aren’t perfect. But the Lord has asked us to try. To see what Christ-like love is, we would have to be friends with someone who loves everyone no matter what they believe or have done, Someone that prays for their enemies, and someone that would die to save many many people. A person like that would have the most closest perfect love, We aren’t perfect, but the Lord is in many beautiful ways.


No one is going to have the perfection of Christ-like love, But we can try. The Lord has asked us to. He returns the favour by helping us in our torment, but most importantly, He died for us so we could be saved.    


In the video, most of the things Bishop Barron was talking about was tied to the point of love and what it truly is supposed to be. If we understood what it is then it would change our lives, To love those who hate us, To “Test the integrity of our love” Not to follow the calculation of loving those who love us and despising those who despise us, because ‘in the evening of life we will be judged on our levels of life.


A piece of God’s math is that he loves us all equally. “The sun shines on everything and so must love. The rain falls on the good plants and the bad plants” It’s spectacular that God’s love works like that considering that we are used to liking those who like us and hating those who hate us but Bishop Barron states that it’ll be a revolution that if we love those who hate us and also pray for them then it’ll change our lives. This is testing the integrity of our love.


Bishop Barron explained what Love supposedly means. He said that “Love is to will the good of the other as other” He also states that we shouldn’t love to get love in return and no offer no resistance to one who is evil. God loves all and he wants us to love like God himself. A reading from the book of Matthew  “You have heard that it was said ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ But i say to you, Do not resist an evildoer. But if anyone strikes you on the right cheek turn the other as well” God also doesn’t want us to use revenge.


Near the end of the video he says that we are like individual temples of God and that the spirit of God dwells in us. We need to let our own little suns shine on the just and unjust and our own rain to fall of the good and bad plants. This means that we should go out and tell people about God and Jesus’ teachings and to also help out people even if they are our enemies. It’s a beautiful statement that more people should let into their hearts instead of it bouncing off their heads and walking over it.


If the central logic of Christianity is a perfect love then why haven’t we accomplished this after all this time? Because we are not God, we are human and no human is perfect but we can reach a high amount of this type of pure love with our heart and mind. Even though we are not perfect we still do have the spirit of God within us no matter how dark it is inside. We have it to share with others, to help them out, and to help ourselves to help love life even when darkness breaks us.     


Who is Jesus?


Questions and suffering, these are a strong formula in life, sometimes the questions tear at us for many reasons. One of those reasons if that we’re afraid to ask questions. One question we should sit down and think about is “who is Jesus?” by asking and understanding these questions, it’s answers can help to overcome the tearing questions and suffering we face and fight.


In the story, Sal and Chris are having a honest conversation. Chris states that he is glad to see Sal Asking honest questions. In the top of the book the first words you see are “Honesty. Be honest with yourself” Honesty is a big point in this story and it paves the true path of the conversation between the two. A recipe for the world that we talked about is Be honest, Be Authentic. It does sound like a simple recipe for building a machine that will take the clutter of questions out of our mind. Also a recipe that can fight darkness and toxins left in our head by some questions. Yet being simple it is hard because fear is a powerful thing that we all struggle to let go, Jesus would calm the fear and let us open our eyes to seek him. Be honest seekers.


Cracks and heal, love and fear, 2 things in our hearts like a spear. We talked a bit about love and went deeper. In the start of the story Sal says that Chris didn’t answer the problem of evil With God in heaven but with Jesus suffering evil on the cross. Later on Chris states that God suffered with us while the Jews were suffering in the gas chambers during the holocaust. Now, Jesus loves us, the evidence obviously being his suffering on the cross for us, we went through pain because of love. God loves us and doesn’t let us suffer alone, He suffers with us because of his love. It makes me think because Love causes pain yet is can heal a cracked soul. Some people are feared to be loved because of the pain it can cause, but Jesus showed no fear. The only love and trust that will never betray you is God’s love.  


In the dialogue Sal is wondering and asking many questions. Chris is happy that he is because Sal isn’t afraid to ask questions. Many many people have many questions but fear causes them to just be in silence while the questions zoom around our heads never to be answered. One reason for fear in questioning would be the loss of faith, Chris says yes to Sal’s question which is “Aren’t you afraid someone with weak faith will read this and lose his faith?” But the questions could also strengthen a person’s soul. Is not asking questions a weakness? This was a question brought up in class and still buzzes around my head today but I think it is, We let the fear control us to not ask even though we are much stronger than the fear, or we are just worried on what others will think of us. We need more people like Chris in this world. He won’t judge questions, Like Jesus.


Jesus is 100% God. He’s the man you go to when you need to spill questions out of your head, He’s the man that suffered and still suffers out of love. He’s the only man that can bring true light to this world.    


The problem of evil


One of the main points in The problem of evil is Free choice.


God gave us free choice out of love and because he was confident in us to use it wisely. The choice of freedom however can and will cause sin. The origin of evil is not the creator but the creature’s freely choosing Sin and selfishness. God was confident in us so he gave us free choice, we aren’t expected to use it perfectly, we ain’t perfect  but we should use our good side of free choice more than the sin side.


Another main point is the 2 different categories of evil (Physical & Spiritual evil)  


Examples of both


Physical evil


  • Poisoning the body with different things like Alcohol,Cannabis and other drugs.
  • Self harm to the home of the soul (body)  
  • Causing harm to others


Spiritual evil


  • Wrong free choice
  • Following on the path on the Devil
  • Wishing harm on others soul


Both of these evils are very present everywhere, where there are people there will be sin because they are not using their free choice wisely and using it foolishly. Just check the news and that’s all the evidence you need.  What people need to take into consideration is that God made a solution to the problem of evil, It is his son Jesus Christ. 


One of my personal favourite points to this reading was Suffering and the 2 types of it.


There is no such thing as a perfect life, Life’s formula always has some hard hits, Jagged points and darkness, People complain to God for their suffering even though some of it is caused by other people and their Dark choice. Not all suffering is bad even though it feels like it. Sometimes to suffer for something is proof that we have love for it. Another interesting question that is related to this is “Why do bad things happen to good people?” It’s a simple answer which is a Test to faith, God wants to know if you will leave his path if you suffer. It’s sad to know that this has been the case for some people. In my opinion God also gave our souls the strength to keep going through the cracked road of life, people say that they can’t take it anymore but yet most pull through. Unfortunately those who succumb to the easy exit sign is also leaving God and entering hell. God created us out of love so don’t waste life.  The good suffering is of love and the bad suffering is a test. Pass it. 

Try to find the good during bad suffering, and always fight through.


There are some great points in Peter Kreefts “The Reasons to Believe” He talks about if God exists, The atheists, and also the soul. 


God created a lot of things for us besides the earth, He created the universe for humans to understand. God has made all these “Causes” Happen in the universe that eventually lead to us, but did he create our consciousness? God is the first mover. Evidence of Gods existence would be the movement of things, without the first mover there would be no movement, no time, no purpose.


There are people that believe that God doesn’t exist. Some (Like Pascal) says that you cannot logically prove Gods existence. Some people can’t wrap their heads around the question of “Who made God?” And that causes their minds to believe that God is an impossible and illogical Being. They need to know that “All who seek him will find him“


Our Body’s are eventually gonna die, Our Souls however are immortal, they live on. Our existence is borrowed. God has given us souls(Another proof that he exists) We should give thanks to God for our souls. The universe is huge and we are very very small, but we are apart of the universe because of our souls. 


God is is the first mover, Master, Giver of life. He has given us many things that we should put to good use while we still have time in our bodies.

7. energy sword

6. SMG

5. Sniper rifle

4. plasma rifle

3. Assault rifle

2. Frag grenade

1. Battle rifle

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