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To be honest i’m not really competitive about much. I enjoy baseball and golf but i’m not competitive with them. I’d say the thing i’m most competitive about is Halo2. Yeah i know. Its just a video game. And i guess its a silly thing to be competitive about since its more of the campaign rather than split-screen multiplayer. I played the game almost everyday for a few years. I loved almost everything about it. The story, the environments, the characters,the gameplay, ECT. So why am i so competitive about the game? Well ever since I found out the different tricks and strats in the game i wanted to succeed in them all such as the Sword fly glitch which with correct timing lets you fly across large areas with the energy sword, the double shot which lets you fire two bursts from the battle rifle in half the time, and other tricks for speedrunning the game. I think its just since I’ve played the campaign so much and know a lot about the game my mind tells me to get even better since I know how the game works and played it for awhile.


Halo2 is my favourite game. The campaign is very ambitious and the gameplay is pretty engaging. While messing around with friends in multiplayer is a chill and fun time, In the campaign I strive to be better.

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