The Problem of Evil

Evil does not exist as a thing.  A thing is either created by the creator or the creator himself.  God did not create evil, it is just a byproduct of humans having free choice.  As humans we either get to choose to do good or to do bad. When you choose the bad you are choosing evil.  Evil is not a thing it is simply humans making a wrong choice. The only person responsible for your actions is yourself, not God.


Physical suffering is the result of sin.   Jesus died for ours sins, he physically suffered on the cross just for us and for our sins.  God is good, yet his world is so bad. Many argue that this does not make sense but really it makes perfect sense.  People have free choice and God made us to have free choice so that we determine our own fate. Not everyone is good but there is most definitely good in everyone.  


The creator did not create evil.  Evil is not so much of a thing it is just something that happens when people do not make the correct choice.  If God created every single one of us then he knows that all of us can choose right from wrong and know what to do and when to do it.  Some people just choose to ignore this voice in their head when it is either telling them to do something or telling them not to do something.  

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