The Problem of Evil

Evil is not a thing, but is a choice. God gives us choice and allows us to express ourselves and when we as humans take advantage of that right and choose evil over the word of God, it frustrates God because he knows all humans are capable of good. The largest problem in today’s world is our acceptance of evil and how we allow for evil ways to takeover our lives. Today’s world needs not to focus on the evil, but be willing for for change and be able to set a path and travel that path towards the Great Almighty.


Kreeft was frustrated that he didn’t believe in God and was frustrated that he had made the earth. He was mad that he didn’t believe in God because we as humans know that being able to devote yourself to something and in return, feeling fulfilled and filled with joy is a great feeling. He was made he had created this earth because he wondered how it would be if we all just started in heaven and stayed in heaven for eternity. I believe that would be wonderful, but how would we show God our devotion to him, if we are already in the holiest land of all?


God allows for us humans to survive and thrive with his presence guiding us along the way. When he does this it allows for us to open and up and allow for God to takeover our life and fill it with joy. Many atheists like to believe that our sense of fulfilment is an imagination of feelings, but in reality, they are a swarm of warm emotions that fill our hearts. Many people have no idea how joyful it is to be a Christian and I would love to spread the feeling across the globe.

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