Interest Type

My interest type is The Pilot.

The Pilot doesn’t really care about the route, they just want to hit the finish line in first place.  I agree and disagree with this, if it is something I enjoy, I will take my time to enjoy it.  If it is something i don’t like then I will most likely do it as fast as I can.  The Pilot is focused on practical matters and actively involved in everything they do.  I agree with this one because I get really involved in almost everything I do, like when I play hockey I participate in every practice and even  optional practice because I love hockey.  It says Pilot people are bias, but I mean who isn’t.


It says a good occupation for me is a cook, I disagree with this because one time I tried to cook bread, and it was as solid as a rock.  It said I could be a model and when I was younger my mom forced me to do some modeling, I hated it.  It says I could be a referee.  I have always wanted to ref hockey and make a little money.  I will probably ref next year.

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