My knowledge style is business.

My main knowledge style is business but my second is social science and my third is mathematics.  I like this because i’m interested in business and mathematics.  I’m interested in business because I know it would be a good path with good pay.  I’m not really interested in social science because it doesn’t sound like something that is very exciting.  I would like an occupation that has to do with mathematics because math in one of my stronger suits.  When I chose my job in life I will preferably want a job in business.


It says a financial trader would be a good occupation for me. A financial traders carry out buy-and-sell orders for stocks, bonds, and commodities from clients and make trades on behalf of the firm itself.  I think this would be a good fit fir me because I want to get involved in the stock market.  Another occupation for me is an accountant.  I really would not like this job because my cousin is an accountant and they described what they do and it sounded not very intersting.


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