My two motivation factors are Achievement and Recognition. Achievement means I look for ways to feel like I’ve done something. It says I’d be motivated by the opportunities to use my unique skills and abilities. It says I should look for opportunities to put my talents into play and to feel like I’ve accomplished something… Continue reading Motivations

Knowledge- Kai

After taking the knowledge survey, I got three subject areas. My subject areas are computers, social science and science. Computer classes usually include topics like compter science and computer programming. I have wanted to be a programmer since grade seven, but after I didn’t see it on the job recomendations after the interests survey I… Continue reading Knowledge- Kai


My interest type is the Consultant, or IE, which stands for Investigative and Enterprising. It says I am always deep in thought and I look for ways to capitalise on my knowledge. I am a natural problem solver and have good interpersonal and communication skills.  I don’t think of previous solutions, because I have passed… Continue reading Intrests-Kai

My Personality-KAI

My personality is ISFP or the composer, which means I like to work alone or with small groups, I like fllexibility when doing tasks and I consider others when making decisions. My characteristics are that I am introverted, sensing, feeling, and percieving. Being introverted means I am comfortable in small groups, like working alone, I… Continue reading My Personality-KAI

Who Am I – Learning Styles

My learning style is visual learning, even though it was almost even between all of the learning styles. This means that I learn better through visuals. My study tips are to highlight or underline key subjects in text, use graphic organisers like webs or venn diagrams, pause and create mental images of the subjects, or… Continue reading Who Am I – Learning Styles

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