My Personality-KAI

My personality is ISFP or the composer, which means I like to work alone or with small groups, I like fllexibility when doing tasks and I consider others when making decisions. My characteristics are that I am introverted, sensing, feeling, and percieving. Being introverted means I am comfortable in small groups, like working alone, I enjoy thinking deeply about things, I’m reflective, I’m reserved and will not likely blurt things out and I prefer to not be in the spotlight. Sensing means that I connect stuff from stuff that I already know to things that I’m learning, I’m intentive, I see patterns in big pictures and I’m an abstract thinker. Feeling means I make decisions using subject criteria, I take into account circumstances and how decisions affect others and I’m caring. Percieving means I’m open to new information, I’m flexible and spontanious, I keep options open and I’m able to go with the flow.

Understanding my personality type can help me learn how to improve myself and find situations that I am more comfortable in.

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