My interest type is the Consultant, or IE, which stands for Investigative and Enterprising. It says I am always deep in thought and I look for ways to capitalise on my knowledge. I am a natural problem solver and have good interpersonal and communication skills.  I don’t think of previous solutions, because I have passed it onto others and started thinking about a new subject. I think this represents me quite a bit, but some details are not representitive of me. Like I dont have the best communication skills.

Investigative means I involve working with concepts, information, scientific theories. Curiosity, reasoning, logic, research, and analysis are typical activities in my occupations. Enterprising means my jobs usually involve buisness. They often involve starting and driving new projects. My jobs often require leadership skills and taking risks. These jobs I used to want to do, but my intrests have changed.

My top three jobs are Lawyer, Astronomer and Buisness Intelligence Annalist. I feel like Lawyer might be the best choice because it requires taking risks and taking on complicated subjects and forming them into a positive outcome. Plus, the pay is good. Astronomer is a good job as well. Looking through a space telescope and developing info would be a great job. The buisness intelligence analyst seems like an ok job, it’s just I don’t want to be stuck in a cubicle all day and typing to something I’m not interested in. I was dissapointed that the job that I wanted to persue like a computer coder, were not the jobs that were recommended for me to do.

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