Knowledge- Kai

After taking the knowledge survey, I got three subject areas. My subject areas are computers, social science and science. Computer classes usually include topics like compter science and computer programming. I have wanted to be a programmer since grade seven, but after I didn’t see it on the job recomendations after the interests survey I didn’t think I could be one. In social science, topics usually include history, law, geography, and politics. This recommendation was expected, as one of my job recommendations from the interest survey was a Lawyer.  I would not mind being a Lawyer, because I probably wouldn’t do the best if people’s lives were in my hands. In science, topics include biology, physics, or chemistry. Scientists and Astronomers were recommended as well after the Interests survey. Back in grade five I wanted to be a scientist, because I thought studying bugs and animals were super cool, but now my interest have changed.

My job cluster is unexpected in my opinion. It includes jobs in the art industry, A/V technology, and communication. My top subject was computers, so I expected coding or website design would be on there, or scientists, or politicians. For arts I got jobs like drama, film and music, which in the subject area, creative arts was tied for my least compatible. For A/V technology I got occupations like setting up equipment like microphones, projectors, video recorders, lighting, mixing equipment, recording meatings and presentations, operating spotlights, adjusting amplifiers and coordinating graphics in displays. This is the most like the jobs I want, but I want to be hands on with the computers. Communication includes jobs like creating and maintaining positive relationships between clients. This is somewhat like a lwayer, but i’m representing a company instead of a person that is put on trial. I would like to be almost none of these occupation recommendations, except working in film, like working with CGI or something computer related. The jobs recommended are A/V technichians, animators and actors. The only job I would somewhat like out of these three is the A/V technician.

The job recommendations baffled me. They did not align with my subject results from the knowledge survey, nor did they from the interests survey. Most of the jobs are low to no paying jobs. At least I could make money as a astronomer or lawyer. I’m not interested in doing plays or making pottery, I want to do something I enjoy. The one thing I do not want to happen in my life is to be stuck in a job I do not like for the rest of my life.


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