My two motivation factors are Achievement and Recognition. Achievement means I look for ways to feel like I’ve done something. It says I’d be motivated by the opportunities to use my unique skills and abilities. It says I should look for opportunities to put my talents into play and to feel like I’ve accomplished something by the end. Even though they might require a lot of effort, the completion of the project will be worth while. Achievement is understandable, I want something I can work towards, that I can create and the end result is something I appreciate. Recognition means I like to have a reward for my hard work, whether that’s a thank you, or an actual prize. It recommends that I look for opportunities that allow me to demonstrate excellence, so that I’m in the spotlight, or that allow me to advance to higher levels of responsibility. It says I should be in a meritocracy, which is an environment where people are recognised for their individual talents and contributions. I do work for recognition, whether it’s when other people laugh at a funny drawing I made, or when I work hard to make something in CTS and I think it’s good. Sometimes I don’t look for recognition if I think others might not like it.

My additional motivations are relationships and independence. Relationships mean I want to form friendships and partnerships with others, and I value cooperative environments where teamwork and support are the norm. I also value independence, which kinda cancels out the previous statement. It says I’m happy to set my own deadline, schedule and pace, and says I need chances to try new ideas and shy away from my own responsibilities. I think these motivations are a good representation of my motivations, except sometimes I prefer to work by myself because some people do not work and just copy. In total I think my motivations are represented almost exactly how I would imagine them to be, me striving for achievement, and also reward.

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