Who Am I? Motivations.

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My main motivation is independence, followed by achievement. For independence, I don’t like being under control, I like working on my own schedule by myself. This is very true. I work a lot better on my own, and I always follow my own schedule. I am also driven by achievement, which means that I look for ways to feel like I’ve done something, which is also correct. I am not a a lazy person. I am a hard worker, so this survey is very much adequate. I feel that understanding my motivation, may help me in my future career. If I know the way I stay motivated, maybe that will make me want to stay motivated. Everything on this survey is right.

Knowledge Survey.

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My top subject areas are Science, Physical Education, and Technical Trades. Do I agree with them? No. I am not physically active most of the time, so that’s automatically incorrect, and I have no interest what so ever in technical trades, as a matter of fact, I have no knowledge in technology at all. The science part is correct, due to the fact that I have grown up in a household where science is everything. My beliefs are based upon science, which is a huge thing in my family, so yes, science is indeed right. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are the main topics for science, Sports, Wellness and Health Sciences are for the Physically Active, as for technical trades, there are no topics on my page that I can find. According to the survey, my career cluster is health sciences. Once again, no interest in that at all. As you can see, I believe that this survey does not match who I am at all.

Personally, who I am consists of Science, Social, and Political Science. As I have said in previous assignments, it is my dream to become a lawyer who works on political cases. Ever since I’ve been little, I have had this big dream of ruling Canada someday. Now that I am older, I still have that exact dream, however, I want to look at the law side of that. Now if these were my results for the survey, I would have agreed 100% yes. So if we’re talking, actual facts, this is who I am.

My Interests Survey.

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My interest type is the Strategist. I am enterprising, and investigative. Enterprising occupations usually involve business. They usually involve starting and driving new projects. Enterprising occupations frequently require leadership skills and the willingness to take risks.  I agree with this portion of my interest survey, I’m a risk taker, and I have great leadership skills. I would say that I am very enterprising. I really enjoy business work, in fact my dream is to become a political lawyer. As a young lady, growing up in this generation with so many politicians who don’t know what they’re doing, it is extraordinarily aggravating. My main focus in life is my education, so I always try to make sure I have good grades, it really matters to me. Success matters to me. I also really love reading, especially about history, or old politicians. Currently I am reading the book “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt” which is basically about the former United States President, and how he became who he did. An amazing read thats for sure. Plants are one of my favourite things too, mainly because they’re green, and green is the most favourable colour to me. I enjoy taking care of plants and watching them grow. It brings a sense of happiness into my life. I just love it.

The survey suggested as an occupation, I would make a good lawyer or politician . It is very ironic, because as I said, that’s my dream.  Personally, I believe I will make a good lawyer, due to the fact that I have very good debate skills, and I have a very large amount of knowledge about the legal system and politics itself. Being a politician would be wonderful too. Politics are easily my favourite thing to learn about, and having that as a profession, would be an amazing experience. Another interest I have, is cats. I know, weird, but I just think they’re so cute. I have a pet cat called Artie. He has very orange fur and green eyes. A playful cat he is, though cuddly at some times. All things considered, I have a lot of interests, and I hope, some of my interests intrigue you to talk about your interests as well.


My Personality Type Survey.

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My personality type is ISTJ, which means I am introverted, sensing, thinking and judging. I think my most valuable personality trait is being introverted, because that means I work a lot better alone. I feel that it is important for me to know my personality trait, so that I have a better understanding of myself, and how I act. 

My Learning Style Survey

7 September, 2021 (15:11) | Uncategorized | By: kmaron

I am a visual learner, meaning I learn by looking and seeing. I take many notes, sit in the front, and I benefit from illustrations and presentations which use colour.


A few study tips that are recommended to me are: Underline or highlight important details, this is beneficial because I can read over the important things if they are highlighted. I am recommended to use graph organizers (have not done), try to create a mental image (have not done), and turn concepts into diagrams (have not done.)


I feel as though knowing my learning style will help me academically and personally by giving me a better understanding on how I learn best. This may help me take notes better, and have a more complex understanding about school. 

Hello world!

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