My Interests Survey.

15 September, 2021 (20:23) | Uncategorized | By: kmaron

My interest type is the Strategist. I am enterprising, and investigative. Enterprising occupations usually involve business. They usually involve starting and driving new projects. Enterprising occupations frequently require leadership skills and the willingness to take risks.  I agree with this portion of my interest survey, I’m a risk taker, and I have great leadership skills. I would say that I am very enterprising. I really enjoy business work, in fact my dream is to become a political lawyer. As a young lady, growing up in this generation with so many politicians who don’t know what they’re doing, it is extraordinarily aggravating. My main focus in life is my education, so I always try to make sure I have good grades, it really matters to me. Success matters to me. I also really love reading, especially about history, or old politicians. Currently I am reading the book “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt” which is basically about the former United States President, and how he became who he did. An amazing read thats for sure. Plants are one of my favourite things too, mainly because they’re green, and green is the most favourable colour to me. I enjoy taking care of plants and watching them grow. It brings a sense of happiness into my life. I just love it.

The survey suggested as an occupation, I would make a good lawyer or politician . It is very ironic, because as I said, that’s my dream.  Personally, I believe I will make a good lawyer, due to the fact that I have very good debate skills, and I have a very large amount of knowledge about the legal system and politics itself. Being a politician would be wonderful too. Politics are easily my favourite thing to learn about, and having that as a profession, would be an amazing experience. Another interest I have, is cats. I know, weird, but I just think they’re so cute. I have a pet cat called Artie. He has very orange fur and green eyes. A playful cat he is, though cuddly at some times. All things considered, I have a lot of interests, and I hope, some of my interests intrigue you to talk about your interests as well.


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