Who Am I? Motivations

My top motivation factor is recognition.  I like getting recognized because it proves I have done something resizable.  When I helped my grandpa fix the feeder chain on his combine he said that I was a great help and that he could do it himself.  On Wednesday I helped my dad get the pump out of the combine header.  I know he could not have done it himself.  He had hit himself with a hammer in the thumb knuckle twice as hard as he could.  He was using a push and a hammer and the hammer slipped and hit his thumb knuckle.  When we came in for supper he said that he was thankful for my help and that he would not have done it without me.  My second motivation factor is achievement.  In both of those scenarios I had achieved something I have always wanted.  The trust of my dad and my grandpa who I both look up too.  My dad is always pushing me to be better every day.         

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