My Ideal Concert!

My favorite band has to be AC/DC.  My dad once took my family to an AC/DC concert and it was the best thing that he has done for me.  This was at the Stadium where the Eskimos play.  My dad also likes the band AC/DC.  The band has been around for a while.  They have over 170 songs.  


I would like to see AC/DC play at the North Pole in Santa’s workshop with only my  Dad and I.  During one of the songs a bunch of polar bears will jump through the roof and start break dancing.  In the middle of “Back In Black” Brian Johnoson will grab my dad and he will do a  solo.  The Mötley Crüe will come out and start singing Girls, Girls, Girls.  The polar bears will then zip on to stage and do an amazing drum solo.  The penguins will hear it and they will start to slide around on the ground.  Santa doesn’t know we are here and he hears the noise and comes running out madder than hell.  He will lose his cool and run on stage and reck all the drums, mic and guitars.  He will see me there and realize that he made a big mistake.  He uses his magic to replace the mics, drums and guitars.  And the concert continued.   


Near the end of the night Santa has one surprise that even I didn’t know about.  He calls the whales and he brings out the air chair and the whales pull all of use including AC/DC and the Mötley Crüe.  We all hit the biggest wave and we go flying.  We went back to Santa’s house and had hot chocolate around a fire.  


We then rode back to BC on the whales’ back.  From BC we got a ride from a bear to Edmonton where my mom is there to pick us up and she is madder than hell.  She asks where we were and all we said was An AC/DC and Mötley Crüe concert.  We go home and it is back to the old farming.                


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