my learning styles

My learning style is equalized between auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Although I am averaged, I use auditory learning the most. I learn while hearing myself, videos, and other people talk. Kinesthetic learners are more hands-on learners, they learn by taking things in their hands and physically learning. Visual learners learn by taking notes and visually seeing the information given to them.

Visual learners acquire knowledge best when they can see the information about the subject they are learning. They need to be able to visualize details and data. They will take notes and read them over and over until they can visualize it in their head. They will watch videos and demonstrations.

 I benefit best from being an auditory learner. This means I learn while listening and hearing other people or videos of the subject that I am learning. They can learn by repeating over and over again notes that they might have taken, or by getting another person to quiz them

Kinesthetic learners obtain understanding through hands-on activities. Physically taking things in their hands and finding out how things work. They will make notes and look them over until they understand fully. They appreciate physically expressed encouragement when you communicate.

Not all people are the same when it comes to learning, but some are similar. Whether its kinesthetic, hands-on with materialistic learning, visual, with seeing all the details about a subject, or auditory, learning by hearing, they all get the job done. 

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