My Ideal Concert


Many people have different tastes for music, such as rock pop, and country. There are individual preferences my preferences are pop and country. With a wide variety of singers and artists. My preferences are country and pop. My ideal concert would be in my cousins’ field in Sweden with bands coming and singing for all of my friends and me, some of the most famous country and pop singers in the world. There would be a bar with both kid-friendly and adult-friendly drinks. I would get Gordon Ramsey to come and cook all day to feed us. There wouldn’t be just nasty porta-potties there would be sophisticated bathrooms that smell nice. The party would last days and days. I would get the Canadian government to put on a show in the sky with fighter gets. The only way to get to the party would be to skydive in. it would the biggest, the loudest, the craziest party in the world. There would be nothing like it for hundreds of years.

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