How to Bake a Cupcake!

We entered the kitchen and the first thing we did was wash our hands and grab an apron. Following that, we then wiped down the counters to make sure everything was sanitized. Everyone then got to their station and read the instructions on the box. After we figured out what we needed, we grabbed everything and placed it onto the country.


Our step after reading the box was to preheat the oven to 350F. 

While we waited for the oven to be ready, we then measured out the ingredients that we needed. We needed 1 ¼ water, ½ of vegetable oil and 3 eggs.    

After measuring our ingredients, we then added all of the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.

We first started off by using the kitchen aid but realized it wasn’t getting into the bottom so we did it by hand for 2 minutes.

We then put the cupcake cups into the cupcake tins.

After making sure everything was in place, we carefully got a spoon and put the batter into the cupcake cups. We did make a mess so after  all the batter was in the cupcake cups, we grabbed paper towel and cleaned up the edges so it wouldn’t burn.

Carefully putting the cupcake tin into the oven, we set a timer for 16 minutes and waited patiently. We turned on the oven light to watch them rise instead of opening the oven door to check on them.   

Once the timer went off, we grabbed our baking gloves and took them out and placed them on the top of the oven. After that, we stuck a toothpick in each individual cupcake just to make sure they were all baled. This method is called the toothpick method because if you stick the toothpick into the cupcake and there is batter on the toothpick, it isn’t ready.

  We waited for them to cool down and then we placed them on a tray for Tayler to deal with. Since we finished so early, Mr. Sader informed us that we needed to make another batch so we repeated the whole process over again. 

Once we made the second batch of cupcakes, we washed all of the tools that we used and put them away where they belong.

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