Food Safety Tip

Food Safety Tips.

Welcome to another iblog post. In this post, I will be giving you tips on food safety and how to handle food. We will first be starting off in the dining area. 

The dining area is a wonderful place to eat. It’s a place of safety, a place to relax and a place to share how your day went. One of the most important tips is don’t use the same plate or utensils for raw and cooked meat because cross-contamination can occur. A lot of animals like to be included at the dining table and it’s very hard to ignore them.  You should wash your hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds after handling pets. And the last dining room tip is older adults, pregnant women, children aged five and under and people with weakened immune systems should avoid raw seafood such as sushi, raw oysters, clams, mussels and refrigerated smoked seafood.

We are gonna move into the fridge. Defrost your raw meat, fish or seafood in the refrigerator, in a microwave or immersed in cold water. Don’t refreeze thawed food! Never eat hot dogs straight from the package. Hot dogs must be thoroughly cooked to a safe internal temperature. And finally the last tip which is marinate meat in the refrigerator, not on the counter. 

We are gonna step away from the house and into the grocery store. When buying groceries make sure you buy cold or frozen food at the end of your shopping. Use pre-packaged deli meats within 4 days. And to conclude our shopping trip, keep your raw meat, fish and seafood away from other food in your grocery cart so you don’t spread foodborne bacteria from raw food to ready-to-eat food.

Back into the house now. Meat is a food that requires a lot of attention. Never leave raw meat, fish, seafood or leftovers out on the counter for longer than two hours. When baking something it is very tempting to lick the blenders but in my food safety tips, this is one you need to not do. Avoid consuming any raw or lightly cooked eggs or egg products such as cookie dough or cake batter. And for the last food tip, wash fresh fruits and vegetables under cool, running drinkable water, before eating them or cooking them.

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