My learning styles

Who Am I

I took all of the tests from learning styles to motivations.  So I am going to write a little essay type thing to tell which type of learner I am.  In this I will show some of the results from my tests and make paragraphs telling why and providing examples.  

As you can see from the picture I prefer auditory learning above the rest.  This is because when people talk to me it gives me a clearer understanding of that concept.  Some examples are like when my mother says stop I stop but if she wrote it on paper I wouldn’t.  Then in second place is visual because when I don’t understand what the teacher said I check my textbook to try and figure out the answer.  This helps because if I forget I can always reread it.  Then in last place is kinesthetic because when we do experiments or group projects in class the teachers usually say i am goofing off too much and not even doing it and/or behind the class.  


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