In this Blog I will be talking about knowledge or what knowledge I prefer.  So for instance if I like Math, or cooking.  So in this I will be talking about what type of knowledge I like.  

Out of the many types of knowledge my three favourite are Social Science, Business, and Physical Education.  I enjoy some of the aspects of Social Science like law, history, and politics.  For instance when it is social class I find it more interesting than other things like math.  Last year we were going to learn about Edo Japan and the samurai but the covid cut that experience short.  I also like other things like law for instance when I am at home I watch Judge Judy or other law type shows.  Another thing I like is politics for instance when I am at the supper table and someone brings up current events I always join in.  Or business I always look at the stock market for fun and say I would invest in that one then it usually goes up from there.  Or I like to look at companies and learn how they made their economic empire.  And lastly is Physical Education.  I always like to play sports in the gym and it is also fun to throw balls at people or play badminton with your friends.    

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