Who am I Motivations

For this iBlog post I will be talking about my motivations like what my motivational factors are, for instance if they are achievements, Independence, advancements, recognition, and/or relationships.  


My two main ones from the survey are independence and relationships.  These two may seem to contradict each other but that’s because they basically do.  Independence is doing it alone not requiring help and then relationships are about teamwork and doing it  together or conferring about it in a group.  I am independent because when I work alone I am generally more productive and less  goofy.  As an independent person I stick to my ideas and do not usually need help reaching a decision.  And then I also have the relationships in my motivations because when I work in a group I share my ideas and accept changes or different ideas.  And when in a group you can crack jokes and have fun during the assigned project.  There are many instances where working in a group is better than alone, like big projects and other things like that.  But then sometimes it is better to work alone like when there is an essay or book to read.  These are my two learning styles and some things about them.  

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