The Coolest Concert Ever!

In this story I will be talking about my epic made up/imaginary concert. We will be doing a Tour, A World Tour and what better place to start then the coolest place Antarctica. Everyone will jam out and have a good time. They party like animals because they will be ANIMALS. It will be the coolest concert/world tour EVER!!!


Since my concert is gonna be the coolest concert ever I have to have it in the coolest place ever Antarctica. Coolest concert well I also need the coolest band and the coolest singer, well who else then Ozzy Osbourne supported by Black Sabbath. The Stage is made out of Bamboo with coconuts and palm trees bringing Hawaii to the Arctic. Now that we have the band,the location, and the stage what else do we need you might ask? We need all of those special effects like fireworks, explosions, smoke, and none other than flames. As they walk on stage they will slowly emerge from a cloud of smoke and then BOOM a bright flashing light makes all of the smoke disappear and they start to play Crazy Train while in their sky blue parkas. In the crowd there is no one but then penguins start flying from the water and starting a rave, orcas dancing on their flippers, seals break dancing. By now they played Crazy Train, War Pigs and others. By now a blue whale broke the iceberg they were playing on and now they were playing ON THE WHALE. It swam down to Africa, up to China, and even to The lost city of Atlantis. They went everywhere Jamming on their Guitars for 32 hours straight. The Concert was over. 


In the end they play so much that they ascend to a higher plane of existence they become music Gods with Beethoven and Mozart. Now they weren’t just music writers they were music Deities. They were now the Godfathers of Music.  

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