GLOWFORGE ‘Snap and Store Box’ – Project #1

Step 1: We picked our design off of the GlowForge catalog.

Step 2: Placed our chosen material (Medium Basswood hardwood) in the printer case, and turned on the printer along with its air filter.

Step 3: Once the printer and air filter was turned on, the computers screen then linked to the printer, allowing us to see our materiel that was inside the printer on our end.

Step 4: Once we had picked our design we wished to print, we aligned the digital image onto the wood that had been placed into the printer, on our computer screen.

Step 5: The computer screen then showed an approximate printing time, and advised us to press the teal button to start the laser printing.

Step 6: After the printing was complete, we removed our pieces from the GlowForge and began to peel off the protective layer of masking tape from the engraved pieces.

Step 7: Last but not least, we assembled the pieces together using clear tape. As a result of this specific print having such tiny engravings included, a few little pieces came off due to our chosen material being so cheap. Overall, we will call this first project a fail, and remember to use a sturdier material for our next attempt.

Step 8: The final product! We removed the tape and re – assembled the box, using hot glue to piece together.


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