Expo Colours in Iliustrator

Step One: For students who hadn’t used Aobe Ilistrator, we started an account using our ecacs email, and created a personnel password.

Step Two: Once you’re signed in, upload your chosen image, which in our case was the EXPO image, onto Adobe’s Cloud.

Step Three: After we uploaded our EXPO image onto Adobe’s Cloud, we realized that the letter ‘O’ had an outline that the printer would’ve cut out, which we didn’t want to be included in the final print. To erase the unwanted engraving, we went to the catagory ‘Layers,’ put the padlock onto ‘Cutline,’ and allowed all the eyeballs to be turned on all on the left side of catagory labeled ‘Layer 1.’

Step Four: Next we selected the ‘O” with the blue border, and turned all of the left eyeballs off, except the ones controlling the ‘O’ and the catagory listed ‘Layer 1.’

Step Five: Our final step to erasing the unwanted engraving was to go ‘Window’ on the top of our screen, find ‘Pathfinder,’ and on the pop up, under ‘Shape Modes,’ we selected the two solid blocks that show the name ‘Unite’ when selected.

Step Six: To find the correct colour for the EXPO design to match the hats, we found an online website, called Color Codes, that has countlesss different shades of every color imaginable. Each different color lists the numbers used for the RGB.

Color Codes website – colorcodes.io


Step Seven: We printed the final design of the EXPO image and started weeding out the unwanted scraps, using our red pick and swiggy.

Step Eight: Once printed, we pressed the designs onto each white arpon using the waffle iron. We alligned the print vertically centre on the outside of each white apron.

Step Nine: Complete! We made a total of twenty – four aprons, using six different colours; black, green, blue, hot pink, orange, and red. Each colour had 4 aprons total.






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